pivoting my essay…

I have finalized my paper topic to sustainability and design. Although I originally planned to focus on the effects of digital UX design and it’s relationship with environmental sustainability, I have decided to broaden the topic to environmental sustainability in general design practices within businesses due to an underwhelming lack of studies and scientific research to write an entire research essay on.

I will be covering these areas of design and how to implement sustainable practices:

  • Digital UX Design
    Although there are very few English articles on the subject of how digital design affects our physical environment, there is enough scientific data to be informative. Certain shapes and colors use more energy therefore increasing a company’s carbon footprint. Minimizing high energy-consuming design elements can reduce a companies carbon footprint. While I don’t think I’ll be able to find enough resources to focus the essay on this subject matter, I think it’s important to keep as one of the main topics because many people do not consider the internet as a source of pollution.
  • Product Packaging
    It is now a common practice for companies to consider and utilize sustainable packaging for their physical products. However, many designers are limited to what materials are recyclable or compostable — but there are many other things to consider:
    • Can the packaging be designed to be functional as something else? (for example: packaging you can plant)
    • How can designers reduce packaging without reducing the visual aesthetic integrity?
    • Where are these materials sourced? Manufactured? Distributed?

I am thinking of adding one more subject to cover — overall I want this research paper to act as a general guide of things to consider for small startup companies which is why I’m covering digital (for apps and push emails) and product packaging. I chose to not cover products specifically because implementing sustainable practices in product design varies too much from industry to industry. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!


Feel free to comment your opinions on my possible subject!

  • Sustainability in the UX field
    Although User Experience (UX) is often thought of as a field that works on intangible projects having no environmental impact, in actuality, the UX field works on both intangible and tangible projects which BOTH have environmental impacts. Yes, the internet effects the environment.

Back-up topics

  • Psychological Principals in the field of UX
    My only qualm with this subject is that it’s painfully obvious to anyone interested in the field of UX. If you want to create excellent UX design, you need to focus on the user and the way their brain works. However, this subject offers much more availability of scientific sources.
  • The effects of parenting on business entrepreneurs.
    I want to explore if various parenting styles can impact their child’s future entrepreneurial success. I’ve always been fascinated in this subject because of a childhood friend of mine. Although we were both at similar intellectual levels, as our classes got more challenging, he excelled while I fell behind. He explained to me that as he grew up, his parents praised him for being hard working. On the other hand, my parents praised me for being so smart. The small difference in wording affected our future work ethic significantly.